1. responsive design

  2. sort responses in the support portal by date

  3. mobile responsive web forms

  4. option to add metatag-viewport on upsell offer pages for responsive purposes

  5. Full Backup & Restore for Merchant Site ~ Being responsible for the technical support of 1ShoppingCart from a client perspective, I find the

  6. Export Order Data in XML Format

  7. How we can capture response of IPN notification with client id through API listener


  9. Include data on upsell orders in data posted to thank you page

  10. Better Downloading of Data

  11. Provide some fresh, responsive templates to choose from. Template selection is stale and don't want to pay $5k for a custom one

  12. Expose AdTracker data via the API for Reporting system integration

  13. Integrate with PayTrace or CardConnect, or build in Level III data automation

  14. Make custom fields deletable, and when deleted, data associated with the field deletes, too  ·  completed

  15. Stop rejecting "in-admissable" data in the Contact Profile of Autoresponders.

  16. Please integrate the affiliate contact data with the regular contact profile.

  17. API list should not bring deleted products so as to not bring that much data when we do a API call.!

  18. How about adding the "custom" fields to the API output for greater customization of API data.

  19. add trackers to support url query strings

  20. I have tried to contact you via email and via phone to find out what my user name is. No response via email and Andy on the phone told me I  ·  completed

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