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Bundle System Overhaul

The bundle system has some serious shortcomings...
1. Make a bundle page similar to a product. We need to be able to describe the bundle in more detail.
2. Make coupons work for bundles.
3. Make it easier to add products. It takes far too many clicks to add a product.
4. Allow product order to be set by us. It seems like a strange sequencing system is used, if I recall, when you add products later.
5. Allow for the copying of bundles (save as new) to quickly make related bundles.
6. Is there any way to create an autoresponder for a bundle and exclude product autoresponders? I don't want my customers getting multiple emails for a single purchase. My products are like music where you can items individually (singles) or as an group (album). If I setup up an autoresponder for the individual producst, it sends them with the bundle. I don't want that, so it means I can't set up autoresponders for any of my products without being extremely annoying.
7. Allow for overriding the related products and upsell express for bundled products. With big bundles, customers get flooded with options. We should be able to designate the products (or other bundles) related to the bundle as a whole.
8. Add the ability to exclude bundles from order-level coupons. Many times, the bundles are already discounted, and it precludes us from offering an order level coupon.
9. ability to not restart autoresponders when a product contained in a bundle has an autoresponder that the purchaser is already subscribed to.

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