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Recurring Order Cancelation Emails and/or Report

With the ability to have your customers view their own accounts and cancel recurring billing, there really should be a daily email or at the very least a report to run that shows when a customers cancels. If there recurring order is tied to a membership of some sort, we all probably need to do something after they cancel to remove their ability to access the product. If we don't know who is canceling this is impossible. Would be great to get an auto email every time someone cancels so we can then process any other admin tasks. Thanks!

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  • AdminJustin Bell (Director of Product Strategy, 1ShoppingCart.com) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is possible to configure today using the Autoresponder rules feature found in the recurring billing options for each product combined with an autoresponder that is set up to send a message to you instead of the customer.

    Step 1: Create an Autoresponder Campaign

    - Create a new autoresponder, name it something like "Cancellation Notices"
    - When you get to the Message step, create a new message.
    - On the "Settings" for the message, select the option to "Send To" an "Alternate Destination".
    - Enter the email address you would like to receive the notices in the field provided.
    - On the message design step, you can create the email you want to receive and use merge codes to merge in the customer's information so you know who cancelled.

    Step 2: Create an Autoresponder Rule

    - Go to the recurring billing options for your product.
    - In the autoresponder rules section, create a new rule that for the "Cancelled" status that subscribes the customer to the new autoresponder you created.

    With this setup anytime one of your recurring orders is cancelled, the customer will be subscribed to the autoresponder and you will receive the email with their information letting you know they cancelled.

    Hope this helps!

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