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Fix your "new and improved" signup form generator

Maybe it's great for folks who want to make minor changes right on your site, but for those of us who used to be able to make html code changes to customize your forms so they are truly seamless on our websites, the new form generator is unusable.

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  • Richmond Web Marketing commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Last time I checked you did have to re-create, copy, and re-install the form if the place where you want it doesn't accept javascript. Has this changed?

    Also, I too wish the various parts of the form code were not encrypted so I could edit them right on the site, and adjust which AR it would send people to, which thank you page, and so on, like the old forms allowed us to do.

  • AdminCliff Van Kempen (Product Manager, 1ShoppingCart.com) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Actually, you only have to change the settings for the web form; you wouldn't have to re-create it, copy it, or re-install it. Because the settings are saved on our servers, you only have to click on Edit, make the changes you want on the Subscriptions and Confirmation & Save steps, and save your form.

    Once you have saved the changes, the form will use those new settings for future signups.

  • NuMedia Publishing commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you generate a web form using the new system, and you want to change the AR ID or the redirect URL, you CAN'T do that (as you could with the 'old' form code).

    If you want to change ANYTHING in the new form code, you can't....you have to regenerate a complete new web form.

    The 'Get Code' function will give the full form code, but you still CANNOT edit the AR ID or the redirect URL because those options are cloaked within the code.

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