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API ability to READ multiple products in - not just one at a time!

Using your API, I can get both a list of all product IDs, and separately, all the attributes of a single product given the product ID.

In order to integrate with our CMS and have the CMS auto-create nodes based on the products we have for sale, we need an XML result that has every product's details.

Is it possible to get a result like this?

For instance, a call like:


With the product ID being a "show all" kind of command, so that the XML tree has a node for every product, and with each node, all the details the Product/READ method returns on one page, like this:

- Products
- - ProductInfo*
- - - Id = 9207622
- - - ProductPrice = 120.00
- - - ProductName = My Book
- - - ETC (all other attributes of this product)
- - ProductInfo*
- - - Id = 9207623
- - - ProductPrice = 400.00
- - - ProductName = My Sculpture
- - - etc...

Running hundreds of API requests just to get a complete listing usually kills our page with timeouts, and must no-doubt be hurting your own servers as well (think DDoS by accident).

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