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affiliate sub ids

The perfect id structure is two sub ids. So for example an affiliate runs ads on different ad networks all with different placements.

the sub ids on the aff links would say:


I've been doing affiliate marketing for 5 years and having 2 sub ids makes things much easier.

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  • SpeedPPC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So the underlying premise here is that you attach a tracking ID to your links. In other words a sub_id. So it would allow you to see which keyword converted (for example) on Pay Per Click. Not all keywords will convert, and it helps affiliates have an idea which of their marketing efforts are working.

  • Dave commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    you don't get it. its really simple...

    affiliate is advertising on FB, google, pof etc.

    affiliate sets up HUNDREDS of campaigns.... how on earth are we supposed to know which ad produced the sale using your current way?

    Answer? we can't we are screwed.

    you can't just use the same link on more than 1 ad... how do you know which ad out of the lot the sales came from?

    even clickbank offers conversion tracking. You just add a variable to the end of the affiliate link ?tid=

    why doesn't 1sc have this??

    you should take note and get this done fast.... i mean this stuff should have been part of the cart YEARS ago. I can't tell you how many affiliates we LOSE because they expect this and you don't have it.

    makes us look bad, and it makes you look like you guys dont' understand your customers needs and 'must haves' to run an online business.

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