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Digital Vault - Improvements for Multiple Digital Products

We have over 5000 digital products, and add approx 30 each month. The existing procedure is clunky and frustrating. It takes about 3 hours to add 30 products. First, the product details need to be created or uploaded (not particularly time consuming). Then, each one must be found, and associated with a digital file (either added on the spot or uploaded independently)

The vault system requires populating the entire vault contents, then manually locating the appropriate download file in the vault. With 5000 products this procedure is painfully slow - and then must be repeated all over again for the next product, etc.etc.

Specific improvements:

* Provide an opportunity to upload multiple download files in bulk
* Provide a simple search function to find and associate the appropriate digital file. For example, enter filename, click "associate:. Done.

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Richards Jarden , embroideryarts.com shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • Mometrix Test Preparation commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We update our products in the digital vault regularly. Our process currently looks like this:
    1) Rename current file "AAAfilename".
    2) Upload new file "filename".
    3) Reassign current file to new file.
    4) Delete the now old file "AAAfilename".

    If you try to upload a product that already exists in the vault, the upload seems to fail.

    It would be MUCH nicer for us if we could upload new versions of files that already existed in the vault and have it replace the current version in the vault (automatically reassigning). Perhaps there would be a prompt asking if we wanted to replace the existing file.

    It would also be MUCH nicer for us if there was an opportunity to upload multiple digital files in bulk.

    The new system seems like a cleaner first step toward providing these sorts of features. Are there any plans to do so?

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