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Overhaul Coupon System (unique codes, 1 per customer, limit to autoresponder lists, etc.)

There are many messages about coupons, but I would like to see a significant overhaul. This should include:
1) individualized coupon codes/1 per customer. Should be able to insert these into a broadcast/autoresponder message as a template (similar to how names are inserted)
2) be able to limit coupons to one per customer.
3) be able to restrict redemption by members of an autoresponder (i.e newsletter subscribers only)
4) be able to make a coupon for a bundle.

Right now, the coupon system is extremely limited and dated. It would be nice to see it keep up with the progress on the rest of the site.


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    the coupon for a bundle would be really helpful.....we have had a major issue with that on one of our specials we were running because we could not attach the coupon to a specifc bundle offer. So if the person got our email they were able to use the coupon on any order they placed :(

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