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Full Backup & Restore for Merchant Site ~ Being responsible for the technical support of 1ShoppingCart from a client perspective, I find the

Full Backup & Restore for security & recovery of Merchant site ~

Being responsible for the technical support of 1ShoppingCart from a
client perspective, I find the backup and restore facilities greatly
lacking. Particularly when compared with contemporary web-hosting

If there is an accidental or malicious corruption of our data or
configuration in 1ShoppingCart, there is no simple means to restore to a
point of known integrity.

We can only "Export" details of Orders, Products and Contacts. This
does not secure significant data invested in Autoresponders, nor the
overall configuration of our 1ShoppingCart merchant site.

All this data and configuration on 1ShoppingCart is critical to our
business, and to the successful operation of our integrated Web
facilities, as you would obviously be aware.

Thus, I suggest and request, a facility to fully backup, store and
restore all client data and associated configurations. As is standard
within the IT industry, particularly web-based systems, which are
vulnerable to malicious corruption.

I am amazed that an organisation of your size (apparently circa
2,500,000 merchant clients), and offering such a mission critical
service, does not already provide this fundamental facility.

Gary H.
NSW Australia

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  • Laura W commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Gary H. (and hopefully Justin Bell!)
    We are a rather large corporation in Illinois, USA who recently had something (no one seems to want to take the fall for this) happen to ALL our 3300 contact attached to 25+ auto-repsonders. These were clients who we had acquired over a 8 year period! The list was deleted in it's entirety. 1SC was able to 'find' our list and restore it, but the associations were all gone - meaning we have 3300 contacts and no IDEA what auto-repsonders they were attached to or subscribed to. Needless to say this has CRIPPLED our marketing.

    I am wondering if either of you found any solution to this issue or might have any 'outside the box' ideas on how we can figure out how to sort through the sludge pile of 3300 email addresses and help the owner stop sobbing at her desk.

    Laura W

  • AdminJustin Bell (Director of Product Strategy, 1ShoppingCart.com) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Gary,

    As a hosted application service provider we have a very robust backup process that protects all of our user's data in cases of a major failure. If there were ever an issue that resulted in data corruption (which has never been the case in our 14 year history) we would have full ability to restore right up to the moment the problem occurred.

    I understand that a big part of your request was a way to back up your own account's configuration and data to a specific point in time, which we do not provide. While this is a common option in many Hosting products, it is not so common in the hosted software application industry.

    That being said, I believe the idea you have presented has merit and I look forward to hearing thoughts from other users on the importance of this feature.

    One recommendation we have that is a good preventative measure to protecting your configuration is to control who has access to your account using the Access Management tool. This tool allows you to create individual user accounts for each person the requires access to your account. It also allows you to assign roles to each user, which defines which options they can access. By restricting access to your account you can effectively prevent configuration changes that are a risk to your business.



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