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Exempt Certain Products from Discounts

I offer an order discount on dollars spent, but want to exempt some products from this default discount. A tick box on each product that gives the option to exclude from discounts would be a very handy feature and save time setting up specific discounts on my 60+ product catalogue.

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  • ExcelUser.com commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    At least five Big Ideas are asking for the same thing: Give us a LOT more control over how quantity discounts are handled!!!!

    As I write this, these ideas total 24 votes:

    Set Discounts at Category Level--5 votes
    Exempt Certain Products from Discounts--4 votes
    Discounts for only a select group of items--6 votes
    Not to be combined--6 votes
    Quantity to start higher than 1--3 votes

    Right now, your quantity discount system is fairly useless.

    PLEASE give us more power in this area!!!!

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