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Ability to process cash orders with ease

I do a lot of seminars. During the live seminars we offer specials for ebooks or other digital products (audiobooks, etc)

A lot of people order with cash and others with credit cards.

Since these are digital products, they need to be proccesed in the 1shopping cart for the system to release them vie autoresponders.

The credit cards orders are no problem.

But the ones paid in cash are the BIG ISSUE for us. This is what we go through:

1) First, we have to change the cart option to allow "proccess offline orders"
2) process all orders with a "fake credit card number"
3) The system sends notifications that the order failed
4) After finishing all orders, then we have to go to the the system and "accept" them all....manually
5) Now the customer receives a notification saying that their order was processed with a credit card
6) Now we receive notes from clients complaining that they did not process the order with a credit card
7) Respond to customers saying that it is the nature of our system
8) Remember to set the cart back to NOT to allow offline processing

I understand this is a system for online orders. I just wonder if there is an easier way to do this. We don't want to have 2 systems to deliver digital products.

I know there are a lot of public speakers that take orders in cash during seminars. I wonder how they process thier oders and have everything in the same system.

Your help would be appreciated.



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  • Rich Hamilton Prod. - SellBetter Tools commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Seems like we ought to be able to compute voucher numbers which could be use as payment for certain products sold in this manner. Much like having a coupon, but a generator that would give multiple codes.

    If I was going to give a seminar I could generate 100 codes, merge them into voucher forms with Word, and distribute those to buyers. They could log in to the purchase page and use the unique 1-time code as a voucher to buy at 100% off. (or some other amount I suppose).

    The key would be that they have to be unique, or John might share his coupon code with Mary and she gets one, too, but she didn't pay.

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