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Integrate Support Portal with Members Area

Currently if you are logged in and click Support -> Signup & Login to Support Portal, you have to create a separate login by entering all your contact details and merchant ID.

The Support Portal should be integrated with the members area so that if you're logged into your account and click on Support Portal, you should get access to the support info.

At the very least, there should be a "lost password" link for recovering your password. There currently isn't one.

So here is the process I just went through:

I clicked Support -> Support Portal
I was presented with a login
I entered the login details for my 1SC account
This was rejected so I tried another password I might have used in the past
This also was rejected so I decided maybe I never signed up
I tried to sign up, entering all the required details
This was rejected because it said my e-mail address has already been used. This means I have signed up before, so I just need to know my login details but there is no "forgot password" link.
So now I had to e-mail support to see if they can help me get into the support portal.

I'm pretty sure the point of the support portal is to cut down on the involvement of support personnel, but the way it's set up I would think it's not fully accomplishing that.

In fact, I was just curious about something and wouldn't have bothered calling/e-mailing about it, but the fact that I can't get into the support portal was worth contacting support so it actually created unnecessary staff involvement because of the current setup.

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