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Please Change "Email Subscriptions" Tab Back To Alphabetical Sort

The Email Subscriptions tab for each contact used to sort in an intelligent default manner based on Campaign name.

Now, every time I visit a contact's Email Subscriptions page, they are not sorted in any particular matter. It seems totally random.

This means I have to sort them every time I visit the tab, and every time I do a new find in order to view more Campaigns.

Furthermore, after I change the number of results per page and click search again, I then need to resort the Campaigns twice, because the first time I click the button it sorts them by reverse alphabetical.

What should take 1 step and be instantaneous, now takes 5 steps and there is a small waiting time after re-finding and resorting each time.

Since visiting a contacts Email Subscriptions tab is something we sometimes need to do dozens, and even hundreds of times per day, the extra steps and delay involved are incredibly aggravating and time consuming.

You have one of two problems:

Either you have a bug in the system.

Or, you have designed the system without regard to the user experience.

Can you please reply and let me know if this is a bug or a design flaw, and what can be done about it.

Thank you.

Finally, if you want to continue receiving my feedback, and you obviously are in desperate need of user feedback from both me and others, then you should make it so we can vote for an unlimited number of ideas, and post an unlimited number of suggestions. It was so cumbersome and time consuming to post this suggestion that I will probably never to it again.

It's obvious that your developers are not users -- or at least not heavy users.

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  • Touched and Transformed (TNT) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This has been driving me crazy too. It really eats up your time. I used to know, for example, that if I clicked "page 3" I would get to the autoresponder I was looking for. Now it's totally random where it will be listed.

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