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PLEASE give us tools for managing sales pages, ads, and affiliate traffic

To sell a bunch of stuff, we need to create banner ads that get a lot of clicks, and then send those clicks to high-converting sales pages. But we don't have the tools to manage that process.

--We have a media page, that shows only inception-to-date info about our banner ads. So we have no way to monitor changes we make to the sales pages that the banners point to--other than writing down the data on scraps of paper on a regular basis. (We can't even export the media stats!)

--We have no built-in way to split-test affiliate traffic. So we have no way to determine which sales pages do best.

--If we send affiliate traffic to an ad tracker, impressions are recorded as clicks. So affiliate ad-tracker conversion rates are absolutely useless.

(The Support people tell me that, "Ad Trackers weren't intended to work with the affiliate system." WHY NOT? You tell us that, "Ad Tracking is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet." But then you cripple it for use with our greatest source of traffic.)

PLEASE, PLEASE give us some tools to help us monitor and improve our sales funnel! At the minimum...

1. Fix ad trackers so they can be used with affiliate traffic.
2. Give us the ability to export media stats.

Then also work to...

3. Allow more than one ad tracker cookie to be operative at a time.
4. Allow us to see trends in media stats and ad tracker stats.

Particularly in this economy, we need all the selling tools we can get.

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