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Please integrate the affiliate contact data with the regular contact profile.

Affiliate data and contact data need to be in the same area. You shouldn't have to do two separate searches to pull up the same person.

I have a ton of suggestions for improving the software and the user interface.

However, I'll just share the #1 most important one here...

It would save me dozens of hours, maybe hundreds of hours over the course of time, if you would integrate the Manage Affiliates with the Manage Contacts area.

I need to be able to add and remove my affiliates from specific Autoresponder lists. Sometimes I just need to quickly check and see which lists they are already subscribed to.

Having two separate search pages.... one for the Affiliate data such as their affiliate link, percentage, custom URL, etc. and a separate search to find the rest of their contact data such as which autoresponders they are on.... is incredibly aggravating and slow... a huge time waster.

I'm sure you must have heard this complaint before. Anyone who uses the affiliate function for anything more than super basic functions has probably been confused and slowed down by the way you keep it all separate.

Here's how it should be...

One search. One contact management area.

A tab for the affiliate data.

That's it.

It would be 100 times more intuitive and 100 times easier.

I would be immensely grateful. All of your customers and future customers would be immensely grateful.

You'll make hundreds of thousands of dollars you wouldn't have made otherwise because your users will have more fun and experience less pain.


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