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Way to enable existing and new subscribers to end up on the same page

Need a way to have new subscribers and existing subscribers end up on the same page - customized per each AR

Current flow for new subscriber is:
1-they go to opt-in form
2-they go to opt-in form thank you (page saying thank you for subscribing - check email to confirm)
3-they check email for opt-in verification message - click on link
4-they go to verification thank you where they can download a free gift (in my case)

Existing subscriber path:
1-goes to opt-in form
2-gets opt-in form thank you - which says thank you for subscribing - check your email for link to confirm. (End of line)
* because they are already on one of my lists, they never get the email - so don't get the verification message with the link that takes them to their free gift.

My VA once went around this by having the free gift on the opt-in form thank you page - but then there is no incentive for someone to verify their subscription when they already have the gift.

the default opt-in thank you has nothing to do with specialized AR related web pages, so using the default thank you across the board really doesn't work.

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  • Simply Budgets commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why not just make the gift the first thing sent out by the A/R on day 0? If someone double opts in or single opts in the outcome is that they get the gift when they are on the list!

  • Crossbow Studio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, ideally the sign-up form would have two configurable thank-you page destinations. One for new subscribers and one for clients that exist in the database. (AWeber calls it a Welcome Back page)

  • InVision Resources LLC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What if the opt-in form thank you was the 'final thank you' in the process, rather than the 'intermediate thank you' (the one that now says "check your email to confirm your subscription" )

    It seems that there is currently already a check that's done in the system to confirm whether or not someone is already a subscriber. What if that check were inserted to the place in the process before they are taken to the 'form thank you' instead of after?

    If there are two configurable thank you page destinations associated with the opt-in form, then is it possible to eliminate the one associated with the verification message?
    Don't know - just a question.... I'm not sure I'd require my verification messages to be different from one another if there wasn't the fact that currently one thank you message is currently associated with that message.

    Does that help at all?

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