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Change Redirect to 2checkout

Dear 1shoppingcart product team,

2checkout has released a new customizable single page checkout especially suited for digital (intangible) products which enhances the customer experience during checkout process and thereby increases conversions.

To be able to utilize this single page checkout, there is merely a slight change in the URL necessary, that 1shopping cart directs the buyer to. Currently 1shoppingcart directs to:

(Multi Page Checkout)

Is it possible to change that into:

(Single Page Checkout)

It looks similar, only the "s" prior to purchase needs to be added.

2checkout states within its release notes:

Not sure which to use?
Single Page Checkout is designed to streamline the checkout process for your buyers. This process is built for intangible goods and services where shipping information does not need to be collected from the customer.
Single Page Checkout is designed to re-direct to Multi Page Checkout if the customer needs it to. If you’re not sure which to use, set-up Single Page Checkout and you will be covered in any instance.


So it seems there is no disadvantage in changing the link as the multi page is still available if the customers is selling hard goods and sets up his 2checkout account this way.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you,

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