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Created a mergecode for secondary affiliate programs so I can email affiliate link to folks

Most of our users only use our secondary affiliate program (only a few use the primary program). I have no way to email the affiliate link to them. I must write out the steps on how to obtain it. Many of our users can easily copy and paste a link but are not able to follow the steps to find the right affiliate link to use. We are losing a lot of referred sales because we don't have a way to supply our affiliates with their affiliate link (we can only tell them how to find it)...

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  • Susan Liddy International commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also agree with Darrell.
    I offer a free product for affiliates to use when promoting, thinking that they would get credit for sales made of ANY of my affiliate products.
    Now I have all of this administrative work ahead of me... to track down sales that were affiliate referred, figure out the commission by hand and keep a separate spreadsheet for it...

    In addition to having to send out INDIVIDUAL eMails from my outlook to all of my affiliates to give them their affiliate link for their specific product and to tell them to NOT use the default link.

    All of this may actually be a deal breaker between 1ShoppingCart and me.

  • Susan Liddy International commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree. I have two affiliate programs and no way to tell them what their particular affiliate links are. The welcome eMail and the autoresponder I set up only notifies them of the default affiliate link which screws up the tracking and sends people they are promoting to, to the wrong sales page.

    We REALLY need a better affiliate program. One that enables us to send out unique messages to our affiliates of various programs.

  • Darrell Martin Insight Investors commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is huge!!!!!

    The advantage of the multiple affiliate programs is you can make different media libraries for each product.

    No matter what affiliate see all programs you have made.

    THE HUGE DISADVANTAGE is that only products assigned to that specific sub affiliate program will give the affiliate commission. So if you have 10 products and 10 programs and the affiliate puts one banner on their site for one program that has 1 product assigned to it but someone buys a different product from you site than is assigned to that affiliate program then the affiliate does not get credit. And that in turn blows up your affiliate program.

    This confuses the affiliate immensely. This servers no purpose that I can tell. Why not let affiliates get credit for any product purhcased through you that you have set a commission payout for????

    Either delete the add affilaite program link (this would be waste of a great feature that helps you differentiate products and mediate specified to those products)

    OR IDEALLY!!!!!
    simply make it where no matter what affiliate program link they provide they will get credit for any product bought that you have assigned a affiliate payout commission to (regardless of what program the product is assigned to)

    I called customer service today - they had no idea of any benefit of the adding an affiliate program and their only suggestion was don't do it. Obviously someone missed connecting the dots. Please help and simply make it where the commissions can be paid for by any product with a commission payout regardless of what program it is assigned to so long as any link under the affiliate links site is clicked on by the customer.

    Please call me if you have further questions...
    Or make it where if they are an affiliate they get credit for commissions on all programs that you offer.

    Basically there is a really easy solution here.
    Simply make it where the affiliate links clicked on any link in the default or any of the other referral programs

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